Modern-Day Chindōgu-Maker Marina Fujiwara’s Wasted Creations

Back in the 90s, magazine editor Kenji Kawakami coined the term Chindōgu, literally meaning “unusual tool” and gave birth to a global craze of wonky Japanese inventions that were simultaneously ingenious but also useless. Fast-forward 3 decades to internet-era Marina Fujiwara, who was born right around the time Kawakami was getting ready to publish his […]

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Major Japanese bread maker officially finds God

Breadliness is next to godliness. Yamazaki Baking Company is a major player in the thriving baked goods market in Japan. With their cornerstone offering of sliced bread, they also provide various snack items like anpan, melon pan, and the widely loved and scientifically stringent Lunch Pack sandwiches. ▼ Lunch Packs are practically a Japanese staple […]

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Pokémon saving the planet with free Poké Ball-case eco bags from 7-Eleven Japan

Because P is for Pikachu, not plastic. Starting on July 1, stores across Japan began charging customers for shopping bags, in compliance with the Japanese government’s call to reduce the amount of both plastic and paper trash being produced. In some ways, this isn’t such a big inconvenience. Getting around on foot is the norm […]

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Kanji Cheat Sheet: For Getting Mail Redelivered in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
GaijinPot Leisure Study

The worst part of shopping online or anticipating a package is the wait time. You try to pick the fastest delivery option only to forget the delivery date soon after. As a result, you arrive home with a missed delivery notice placed neatly in your mailbox (ご不在連絡票).

Thankfully, the Japanese postal system is more than efficient and with a few quick steps, you’ll be able to have your package redelivered in no time.

Photo: Japan Post
The dreaded missed delivery notice.
English Japanese Romaji
Missed delivery notice ご不在連絡票 gofuzai renrakuhyou
Missed delivery notice 郵便物等お預かりのお知らせ yūbinbutsutō oazukari no oshirase
Redelivery 不在表 fuzaihyou

Online application for redelivery

The easiest way to have your package redelivered is to use the QR code attached to the notice. Afterward, it’s a matter of clicking on the request a redelivery button on your phone (再配達さいはいたつのお申もうし込こみ), filling in the next box with your postal code (郵便番号), tracking number (追跡番号) which usually has 11 to 13 digits or notice number (お知しらせ番号) which is anywhere between six to eight digits. When you’ve finished click on the next page button (次へ進む).

English Japanese Romaji
Request a redelivery 再配達さいはいたつのお申もうし込こみ saihaitatsu

no omoushikomi

Postal code 郵便番号 yuubinbangou
Tracking number 追跡番号 suisekibangou
Notice number お知しらせ番号 oshirasebangou
Proceed to the next page 次へ進む tsugiesusumu

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This Obon Week(End) At Home And Around Tokyo For August 13-16

This Week(End) At Home And Around Tokyo For August 1-2

Colors and Designs

Exhibition: Kimono Fashioning Identities

The kimono is one of Japan’s most iconic symbols, its colors and designs exemplifying Japanese cultural sensibilities and aesthetics. Learn and consider the past, present, and future of the quintessential Japanese garment. The exhibition will be held in the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, however you must purchase your tickets in advance online to book in a time.

This Obon Week(End) At Home And Around Tokyo For August 13-16

Virtual Shorts

Online Film Festival: Jessica Wu’s White Dragon

The UltraSuperNew gallery in conjunction with Bae Tokyo are curating a Virtual Independent Short Film Festival series showcasing the visual works of women and non-binary creators. Their upcoming live stream event this Sunday will feature Toronto based director, Jessica Wu and her film “White Dragon”. Wu’s film will detail a mythology inspired by the White Dragon tile in mahjong. The event will consist of a virtual screening, followed up by a panel discussion with Jessica, discussing her work, its theme, and the process as a female creator in the industry.

SUN, AUG. 16, 2020
10 A.M. – 11 A.M.
ONLINE (SEE “MORE INFO” LINK) – to get it listed! …continue reading