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“Filmmaker excited about chance to present Koshien to U.S. audience”

Photo and text from The Japan Times, June 29,2020.

Freshmen joining the Yokohama Hayato baseball team have to dedicate themselves to all aspects of the team philosophy. Right down to the proper way to say good morning.

“Your articulation is terrible,” a senior member tells a first-year player whose greeting wasn’t up to form. “Make sure to emphasize each syllable.”

This probably isn’t the type of scene you’d expect to see in a baseball documentary. Then again, “KOSHIEN: Japan’s Field of Dreams,” a film directed by Ema Ryan Yamazaki, isn’t exactly a typical sports movie.

Rather than the usual story about Koshien, Japan’s famed summer high school baseball tournament, Yamazaki wanted to pull back the curtain and give people outside Japan a better understanding of both Koshien and Japanese culture.

“Hopefully, they get to see a whole different version of the sport,” Yamazaki told The Japan Times. “A world of baseball that they didn’t know before. They can have their opinions after that, but I think it’s just a chance to better understand what it means to us. I think we also tried to make this film as kind of a microcosm of Japanese society at large.

“So even if you don’t care about baseball, if you have an interest in Japan, we hope you see how Japan used to be through how high school baseball has been and how society and high school baseball, looking ahead to change and adapt and hopefully keep progressing, mirror each other.”

The film spends most of its time with Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yokohama Hayato, which is managed by Tetsuya Mizutani and has three former players currently on NPB rosters, including Orix Buffaloes outfielder Yuma Mune.

Given access to Mizutani and his players, the film follows their quest to try to qualify for …continue reading


What to Watch on Netflix Japan in 2020: 10 Recommendations

Source: Gaijin Pot
What to Watch on Netflix Japan in 2020

There are countless original series, classic blockbusters, and new releases added to the Netflix library every month. It feels like we spend half our movie night just mulling over our options. To narrow it down for you, here is my list of recommended titles on Netflix Japan.

This list is not limited to only Japanese titles. From sci-fi and fantasy to Korean dramas and anime, there is something for everyone.

Netflix is constantly changing their library and these titles can be removed at any time, so be sure to check them out as soon as you can!

1. My Husband Won’t Fit

My Husband Won’t Fit is one of the few Japanese series that openly discusses sexuality. It’s about a young couple that struggles to have sex because their “parts” don’t fit well together.

Set in the late ’90s to early 2000s, the story follows a country bumpkin named Kumi, who moves away from her family home to attend college. She befriends the eccentric Kenichi, and their relationship progresses quickly. They move in together and get engaged, despite never being able to make love.

While that short synopsis sounds like the intro to a situational comedy, My Husband Won’t Fit presents a story about a couple that has marital issues. Sometimes the problems at hand are presented humorously, but beneath the surface is a serious story that presents issues such as cheating, neglectful parents, and career troubles.

Genre(s): Comedy, drama, romance
Good For: People learning Japanese and those who want to know more about Japanese culture
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and simplified Chinese

2. The Could’ve Gone All the Way Committee

What to Watch on Netflix Japan in 2020: 10 Recommendations

The Could’ve Gone all the Way Committee is one of …continue reading