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Major Japanese bread maker officially finds God

Breadliness is next to godliness. Yamazaki Baking Company is a major player in the thriving baked goods market in Japan. With their cornerstone offering of sliced bread, they also provide various snack items like anpan, melon pan, and the widely loved and scientifically stringent Lunch Pack sandwiches. ▼ Lunch Packs are practically a Japanese staple […]

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Kanji Cheat Sheet: For Getting Mail Redelivered in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
GaijinPot Leisure Study

The worst part of shopping online or anticipating a package is the wait time. You try to pick the fastest delivery option only to forget the delivery date soon after. As a result, you arrive home with a missed delivery notice placed neatly in your mailbox (ご不在連絡票).

Thankfully, the Japanese postal system is more than efficient and with a few quick steps, you’ll be able to have your package redelivered in no time.

Photo: Japan Post
The dreaded missed delivery notice.
English Japanese Romaji
Missed delivery notice ご不在連絡票 gofuzai renrakuhyou
Missed delivery notice 郵便物等お預かりのお知らせ yūbinbutsutō oazukari no oshirase
Redelivery 不在表 fuzaihyou

Online application for redelivery

The easiest way to have your package redelivered is to use the QR code attached to the notice. Afterward, it’s a matter of clicking on the request a redelivery button on your phone (再配達さいはいたつのお申もうし込こみ), filling in the next box with your postal code (郵便番号), tracking number (追跡番号) which usually has 11 to 13 digits or notice number (お知しらせ番号) which is anywhere between six to eight digits. When you’ve finished click on the next page button (次へ進む).

English Japanese Romaji
Request a redelivery 再配達さいはいたつのお申もうし込こみ saihaitatsu

no omoushikomi

Postal code 郵便番号 yuubinbangou
Tracking number 追跡番号 suisekibangou
Notice number お知しらせ番号 oshirasebangou
Proceed to the next page 次へ進む tsugiesusumu

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3 Fusion Onigirazu Recipes To Impress

how to wrap an onigarazu

Recreating this brilliant invention at home is really simple. To make a delicious onigirazu, what you need is your favorite filling, a few tablespoons of rice (leftovers also works perfectly), and a large sheet of nori that will add a delicious crunchiness to the final result. To help you, we picked three recipes that will make anyone fall in love with onigirazu!

Don’t hesitate and go wild with the fillings!

After a short practice, you will find that its preparation is not only simple but allows you to play with the combinations of your favorite flavors much more than your regular onigiri. Before showing my top three versions, here are some suggestions that may come in handy if this is the first time you jump into their preparation.

How to build your onigirazu

  • Place the nori sheet in front of you, with a corner in your direction.
  • Place 2-3 tbsp of rice in the middle, pressing lightly to form an evened out square shape. To do this, I recommend moistening your hands so you can handle the rice more easily.
  • Remember to leave a margin around the rice to close our sushi sandwich.
  • Add the seasoning in the middle, and seal it with a last layer of rice. This step is very important. Always remember to add a thin layer of rice between the nori sheet and the filling, or you will risk that the seaweed will lose its crunchy texture.

How to wrap it up

Do you know how to make a present package? The process is the same.

Imagine that the wrapping paper is your nori sheet, and the glue are your hands slightly moistened with a bit of water (if the rice you used is warm, the water won’t even be necessary as the moisture will act as a glue).

Sitting Down with Sierra Todd, the Founder of Black Lives Matter Tokyo

Source: Gaijin Pot
Sitting Down with Sierra Todd, the Founder of Black Lives Matter Tokyo

Back in June of 2020, a huge Black Lives Matter demonstration took place in Tokyo, drawing over 3,000 participants. Sierra Todd, a 19-year-old art student from the US living in Tokyo, was mostly responsible for organizing the massive event.

Todd sat down with us to tell us why she felt compelled to have a BLM march in Tokyo which seemingly blew up overnight, and how local Japanese people helped her make it happen.

Videography by Ken Yoshizawa, Reporting by Randiah Camille Green

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Japan’s cutest dog breed

Shibe doge memes

Like the recent survey on Japan’s cutest cat breed, this survey from goo Ranking into Japan’s cutest dog breed finds a definite national bias, but in this case it is justified.

Shibe doge memes are as close as I’ll get to liking mutts, and all yappy rat dogs could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t shed a tear.

Ranking result

Rank Votes
1 Shiba Inu 1389
2 Toy poodle 401
3 Pomeranian 377
4 Miniature dachshund 219
5 Golden retriever 164
6 Akita dog 161
7 Long coat chihuahua 152
8 Welsh Corgi Pembroke 145
9 Siberian husky 107
10 Shih Tzu 105
11 Pug 102
11 Papillon 102
13 Yorkshire terrier 100
14 Labrador Retriever 95
15 Maltese 92
16 Shetland sheepdog 80
17 Miniature schnauzer 72
18 French bulldog 71
19 Samoyed 64
20 Jack Russell Terrier 42
21 German shepherd 36
22 Miniature pinscher 34
23 Smooth coat chihuahua 31
24 Hokkaido dog 29
25 Kishu dog 27
26 American cocker spaniel 25
27 Kaninchen Dachshund 24
27 Bichon Frize 24
29 Bulldog 23
30 Boston Terrier 21
30 Chow Chow 21
32 Pekingese 20
33 Doberman 19
34 Alaskan Malamute 15
34 English Cocker Spaniel 15
34 West Highland White Terrier 15
37 Chin 14
38 Standard dachshund 13
39 Old English Sheepdog 12
40 Boxer 10
41 Kooikerhondje 9
41 Dalmatian 9
43 Miniature bull terrier 7
43 Afghan hound 7
45 Boronese/Bolognese/Bichon 6
45 Wire fox terrier 6
45 Cairn Terrier 6
45 Brussels Griffon 6
49 Giant schnauzer 5
49 Norfolk terrier 5
51 Norwich Terrier 4
52 Welsh terrier 3
53 American Staffordshire Terrier 2
53 American pit bull terrier 2
53 Tibetan Spaniel 2
56 Other 170


Between the 25th of August and the 21st of September 2019 4,717 visitors to the goo Ranking site and associated properties completed a public questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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