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Curry Report – Garaku: Nakano


The excellent spicy soup at Garaku is made from pork bones, chicken, onions, tomatoes, a splash of wine, and a secret blend of 21 herbs and spices. If you want some variety, in addition to regular tomato-flavored soup they offer a “mountain treasures” soup with miso, sesame and soy milk, and a “sea treasures” soup made with clams, oysters and other seafood.

The vegetables here seem to be softer than average for soup curry, and the spices in the soup help bring out their fresh flavors. Our pork kakuni was on the lean side, not nearly as fatty as some other soup curries, but the chicken was very tender and fell off the bone easily.

Main ingredients for the soup curry include chicken leg, lamb, pork kakuni, 15-vegetable, 7-mushroom, sausage with bacon and cheese, and seafood. Hokkaido-style zangi fried chicken is a popular add-on.

The drinks list features lassis and a few different Hokkaido wines as well as beers and cocktails. Soup curries start at Y1100. …continue reading


Dystopia cafe? Japanese banana juice specialist is a literal hole in the wall【Photos】

Believe it or not, this building isn’t abandoned, it’s open for business. On a street corner in the town of Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, there’s a building with boarded up doorways and unadorned concrete slabs for walls. If you look closely, you can make out the remnants of where the name of the previous tenant, Furuhonya […]

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What’s for dinner? A US$113/3.3-pound sushi bowl from one of Japan’s favorite cheap restaurants

Kappazushi is usually a friend to our budget…and maybe it still is with the Mega-size Crab and Salmon Roe Sushi Rice Bowl. Conveyor belt sushi chain Kappazushi is a stalwart ally for those whose love of sushi is much greater than the contents of their wallet. Even when the chain isn’t offering super-cheap all-you-can-eat deals, […]

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Garigari-kun ice pops accepting new flavor suggestions, could “cheese beef” and “ramen” win?

One things is for certain, nothing is too bold for this company. This summer in Japan brought an especially piercing sun, and with the added effect of being masked up all time there was little relief to be had. Luckily, products such as the shaved-ice filled popsicles called Garigari-kun are capable of an icy kick […]

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