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Pokémon saving the planet with free Poké Ball-case eco bags from 7-Eleven Japan

Because P is for Pikachu, not plastic. Starting on July 1, stores across Japan began charging customers for shopping bags, in compliance with the Japanese government’s call to reduce the amount of both plastic and paper trash being produced. In some ways, this isn’t such a big inconvenience. Getting around on foot is the norm […]

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Panasonic Will Help You Transform Your Living Room Into an Office Cubicle

With an extended work-from-home environment, do you find yourself missing your office cubicle? A new offering from Panasonic called Komoru (which translates as ‘seclude oneself’) will let you create your very own partitioned desk and cubicle in your living room. While primarily known for their electronics, Panasonic has a housing systems business that also manufactures […]

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5 Beauty Tips To Survive Summer In Japan

Survive summer in Japan: 5 Beauty Tips To Survive The Japanese Summer - UV sunscreen

As we step closer to the much hotter days of summer, we are also more prone to the hardships our skin faces due to the humidity, scorching sun, and increase in pollution throughout the city—not to mention perpetual mask-wearing. To avoid these troubles, it’s essential to adjust your daily beauty and skincare routine. Here are five tips on what you can do to make sure you survive summer in Japan. Read on to learn how to keep your skin radiant, fresh, and glowing even when the sun is melting you!

1. Use SPF 45+ Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute must if you’re looking to create a skincare regimen that is not only proactively anti-aging but also preventative. Sunscreen helps not only to protect us from harmful UV rays, but to keep us looking younger by helping with sun or age spots, premature wrinkles, and of course melanoma skin cancers.

Many Japanese UV creams and lotions are designed to act as a primer, which only makes our makeup routine much more efficient! For those ladies who don’t wear foundation or much makeup, find a non-comedogenic or oil-free sunscreen that you can apply on your face every day. Often, you can swap your moisturizer with a great facial sunscreen.

For your body sunscreen routine, try a spray-on product. They are absolutely wonderful since most are SPF 50+ these days, quick-drying, and of course super easy to apply.

2. Drink lots of… Tea

Green Tea

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Sanrio’s matsuri festival-themed toys and plushes will give you Japanese summer vibes at home

The cutest product is definitely the goldfish-scooping set. Or maybe it’s the little pouches made to resemble shaved ice? It hardly bears repeating that 2020 is a bit of a wash, and people all over the globe are feeling especially gloomy during these peak summer months. Social distancing has put a damper on beach visits, […]

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