Final Evangelion movie gets new release date, new preview, and is coming incredibly soon

After multiple coronavirus delays, the end of Eva is coming in less than two weeks.

There’s always a heavy element of mystery surrounding Evangelion, so whenever director Hideaki Anno gives even the tiniest kernel of information about the legendary anime franchise, fans can’t help analyzing it. For example, the upcoming fourth and final Rebuild of Evangelion movie’s title is Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, but what is the significance of that subtitle?

Maybe we should expect some sort of narrative or thematic parallels to the 1980 Thrice Upon a Time science fiction novel by British author James P. Hogan. Or Maybe Anno was able to see the future, and he knew that the final conclusion to the Eva franchise would have to be delayed from an announced release date not once, but twice, by the coronavirus pandemic. But hey, they say the third time’s the charm, and now Thrice Upon a Time has its third release date: March 8.

It’s also got a new teaser trailer, in the style of the next-episode previews from the original Evangelion TV series, featuring the unmistakable narration of voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Eva’s Misato, who says:

“To settle everything, Misato and the Wille crew take off.
To settle everything, Asuka and Mari borrow a severely wounded Eva.
To settle everything, Shinji Ikari stands in opposition to his father, Gendo.
And then, Shinji makes his decision.
Farewell, all of Evangelion!
Next time: Rebuild of Evangelion!
And until the end, I’ll give you lots of service, service!

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Deep Kyoto Walks Movie: Kamogawa Musing with John Dougill

Source: deep kyoto

Here is the second video showing scenes from our book, Deep Kyoto: Walks. In this short film John Dougill guides us down the Kamogawa River which runs through the heart of Kyoto. A hat tip to film-makers Roger Walch and Ted Taylor for putting this series together.

Deep Kyoto: Walks is now available as a print on demand paperback and Kindle e-book. Here are the details:

Deep Kyoto: Walks
Publisher: Deep Kyoto
ISBN: 979-8561499616
Price: $15.99 / ¥1,840
Available from:,, and

Editors: Michael Lambe & Ted Taylor

Authors: Jennifer Louise Teeter, Bridget Scott, Miki Matsumoto, Robert Yellin, Pico Iyer, Chris Rowthorn, John Dougill, John Ashburne, Stephen Henry Gill, Sanborn Brown, Joel Stewart, Izumi Texidor-Hirai, Perrin Lindelauf and Judith Clancy.

And here is what it’s all about:

An anthology of 18 meditative strolls in Japan’s ancient capital, Deep Kyoto: Walks is both a tribute to life in the city of “Purple Hills and Crystal Streams”, and a testament to the art of contemplative city walking. In a series of rambles that express each writer’s intimate relationship with the city, they take you not only to the most famous shrines and temples, but also to those backstreets of memory where personal history and the greater story of the city intersect. Join Pico Iyer, Judith Clancy, Chris Rowthorn, John Dougill, Robert Yellin, John Ashburne and more as they explore markets and mountains, bars and gardens, palaces and pagodas and show us Kyoto afresh through the eyes of those who call it “home”. Included are:

  • 18 walks
  • 17 photographic illustrations
  • A specially commissioned woodblock print by Richard Steiner
  • 12 detailed maps
  • Cover Art by internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Brayer

Order your copy now!

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Zara creates loungewear that looks like a Japanese school P.E. uniform

New fashion choice puzzles people around Japan.

In the design world, inspiration can come from anywhere, and if the buzz around Zara’s newest loungewear release is anything to go by, that inspiration can also come from the Japanese schoolyard. Because as soon as customers in Japan laid eyes on the Spanish brand’s new shirt and shorts set, all they could see was…a Japanese P.E. uniform.

It’s not only odd for Japanese people to see an outfit like this sold as fashionable out-of-school attire–it’s odd to see it being worn by an adult, as this look is commonly worn by children, from elementary right through to high school.

▼ When people see the Zara outfit above, this is what they think of.

Over at Zara, the Rib Tops and Contrast Short Pants retail for 2,590 yen (US$24.45) each. The two colours available, red or blue, are in line with the most popular colours seen in the schoolyard as well.

People online have been puzzled by the new outfit and how it came about, saying:

“Wait, so Zara is selling P.E. uniforms now?”
“Even with the model’s cool poses it still looks like a Japanese P.E. outfit!”
“This brings back memories from my high school days!”
“I’ve probably still got mine in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Can’t imagine wearing it though!”
“Seeing people wear this overseas would blow my mind.”

While it’s unclear whether or not Zara was consciously trying to imitate the Japanese P.E. uniform, it hasn’t done the brand any harm as there are some people in …continue reading


New Final Fantasy VII Remake version coming, brings ninja girl Yuffie to Midgar【Video】

Yuffie-senpai and her hunky ninja subordinate are here to crush giant robots and nab Materia.

There’s a lot to like about Final Fantasy VII Remake, what with its gorgeous visuals and modernized gameplay systems. There’s even an upside to splitting the 1997 original’s narrative into a multi-game series, since it allows for more time to take closer looks at the world and characters that have captivated gamers for over 20 years.

One big downside, though, is that the more thoroughly constructed story means that not every member of Final Fantasy VII’s iconic cast showed up in the first Remake game when it was released last year. But there’s a late arrival to the party on her way, with developer Square Enix’s announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an upgraded PlayStation 5 version of Remake which will feature ninja girl/Materia thief Yuffie!

Trying to blend in with the citizens of Midgar while wearing a Moogle-hooded cloak, Yuffie has come to the city as an agent of the Wutai government to, what else, nab some Materia. Joining Yuffie on her mission is new character and fellow shinobi Sonon, who makes a point of calling her “senpai” in his Japanese-language dialogue.

▼ Or “boss” in the English trailer

▼ Sonon

▼ Does Yuffie’s return mean Square Enix needs to reopen voting for the “best female character in Remake” poll?

Backing up Yuffie and Sonon is a team of Watai operatives whose names are currently unknown.

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Funny keychains of Shiba dogs with their heads stuck in things now available as gatcha toys

These Shibas got up to some trouble…and we get to keep them as keychains!

Gatcha toys–the kind you can get in a little capsule by inserting a coin into a machine and turning the knob–come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, from collectible figurines to ridiculous-looking rings to keychains of botched art restorations. For animal lovers in particular, there are tons of animal gatchas to collect, some of which replicate the funny situations animals find themselves in like these new “Dogs With Their Heads Stuck in Things” keychain accessories.

These silly Shibas got themselves into some things they shouldn’t have, and now have to patiently wait for their masters to come home to free them from the prisons of their own design. The funniest part is, the six things these shibas managed to get their heads stuck in are utterly ridiculous. There’s a school practice book, a hot dog, the Roman Mouth of Truth, a life preserver, Mt. Fuji, and an ukiyo-e painting. How they managed to get stuck in these things, we’ll never know, but that’s a Shiba for you.

These gatchas are made by Qualia, who have also produced other funny animal-themed capsule toys like the elementary school gorilla figures and the fluffy cat orb phone straps. They’ve done an excellent job designing these naughty Shibas, down to the rolls of skin that have bunched up around their necks, preventing them from getting them out of their pickles themselves, and the despondent but cute expressions on their faces.

▼ The face of “Pls halp”

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Historic Streetscape of Takehara

Takehara is a small town on the coast of Hiroshima, east of Hiroshima City. It flourished as a port in Medieval japan when the Inland Sea was the main transportation route.In the Edo Period, it prospered as a salt production centre, with tons of salt being exported, mostly to Edo. An old area of the town with merchant houses, warehouses, and the inevitable sake breweries is one of the Historic

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Sakura surprise! The coolest thing about this cherry blossom photo actually isn’t the flowers

Yes, the kawazu sakura are beautiful, but that’s not all there is to see here.

Every year when sakura season rolls around, photography fans in Japan grab their cameras and head out to snap pictures of the cherry blossoms. Though we’re still a few weeks away from the blooming of the somei yoshino, Japan’s most prevalent variety of sakura, the early-blossoming kawazu sakura have already arrived.

While sakura are a favorite springtime subject for shutterbugs in Japan, trains are something they’ve got a soft spot for all year round. So last weekend when Japanese Twitter user @velous_93 went to Kanagawa Prefecture’s Miura Peninsula, around an hour and a half south of Tokyo, he found a great vantage point near Misakiguchi Station where he could see both train tracks and the cherry blossom trees. Then he waited, and fortune smiled on him.

Rolling down the tracks of the Keikyu Kurihama Line came the Keikyu Happy Yellow Train. While it’s not any faster or more luxurious than the line’s ordinary trains, the bright yellow color always brings a smile to rail fans’ faces, and made for a nice contrast with the kawazu sakura, which have a more distinctly pink hue than many other types of cherry blossoms.

So pretty great timing, right? Yes, but it gets even better, because at the moment @velous_93 pressed the shutter button…

…the conductor flashed him a peace sign!


— ベラス@JK (@velous_93) February 21, 2021

Odds are this wasn’t a coincidence. As mentioned above, “trains and cherry blossoms” is a genre unto itself in Japanese photography, …continue reading


Five Of Our Favorite Japanese Baby Products

Socks1 cropped

Here are five only-in-Japan items that both myself and my infant daughter love:

Socks That Don’t Fall Off!

If you are tired of picking up your baby’s socks then you can rely on the Japanese to make smart improvements to one of life’s perennial problems. These socks are not only cute, but they also have a nifty little elasticated section hidden discreetly below the ankle to prevent them from falling off. They are available from the home furnishing store Afternoon Tea which has locations across Tokyo and an online store.

Baby Jinbei and White Kimono

Jinbei cropped

One of the most adorable things about giving birth in Tokyo is the white kimono that your baby will wear in the hospital. They are sold in the hospital gift shop, so be sure to stock up on a few before you go home. As your baby gets bigger you can start to explore the world of baby jinbei (Japanese style pajamas), which is sure to be just the beginning of a colorful journey into Japanese textiles! You can purchase jinbei in many places across Japan and, and they are especially popular during the summer months.

Imabari Towels

Towels3 cropped

Imabari is a city on the island of Shikoku where towels have been manufactured for more than 120 years. Due to an abundance of water from the Takanawa and Ishizuchi mountains, the soft water is considered to be an essential ingredient in making the towels soft to the touch. The famous Imabari towel brand is available in most major department stores. The red, …continue reading


Elaborate Jomon-Era Pottery Informs the Colorful Curvatures of Couture by Ryunosuke Okazaki

photos by Kenji Agata Jomon-era pottery, created roughly 4000-5000 years ago, is considered to be the oldest pottery in Japan. Jomon (縄文) literally means “rope-patterned” and as the name implies, much of the pottery was elaborately designed with coils and imprints, rendering them more decorative than functional. “The decoration and modeling of Jomon pottery is […]

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Slowly changing old Tokyo streets

Source: Tokyo Times
Slowly changing old Tokyo streets

Back in September 2016, I took this photo, in a certain way, and at a certain time of the day.

Then last week I took another photo in more or less the same spot, but this time in a different way, at a different time of the year, and under considerably different lighting conditions. An exercise that seemed entirely fitting, as the wonderfully arranged streets are themselves now slightly different.

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