Down the Kumagawa River by Boat

The Kuma River, or as it is commonly referred to in English, the Kumagawa River, that runs through Hitoyoshi is classed as one of the three fastest rivers in Japan. It was also the site of disastrous floods earlier this year.Boat trips on the river are a major tourist attraction, with primarily two courses offered, the Seiryu course from Hitoyoshi down to Watari, and the Kyuryu course from

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Moms vs. demon slayers — Japanese grade schoolers asked: “Who do you respect most and why?”

Sure, moms are great and all, but do they kill demons with nifty swords?

“Who do you respect most and why?” It’s certainly a question that makes you think. What is it about a person that makes you respect or look up to them? Their personality? Their actions? The lengths in which they are willing to go for some quality content?

It’s different for everyone, and the case is the same for Japanese elementary school students, too. Education company Benesse surveyed over 7500 Japanese students ranging from the 3rd grade (8-9 year olds) to 6th grade (11-12 year olds). The students were asked, “Who is the person you respect most in 2020?”

2020 is certainly a year in which we have seen the best of people, so who will take the top spot? Will it be doctors and nurses, doing their best to keep everyone healthy during the pandemic? Maybe famous athletes? Will it be teachers, keeping everyone educated?

“Who do you respect most?” top 10

10. Muichirō Tokitō (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)
9. Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)
8. Kyōjurō Rengoku (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)
7. Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)
6. Giyu Tomioka (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)
5. Dad
4. Teachers

3. Shinobu Kochō (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba)

Earning more respect from kids than dads or teachers is Insect Hashira Shinobu Kochō from the insanely popular anime Demon Slayer. Kids listed the fact that Shinobu was “family orientated, always smiling and kind” as reasons to garner respect. Also the fact that she was strong and cool meant she ranked highly in the respect survey.

2. Mom

Moms finish in second place for “the person Japanese kids most respect”, with dads trailing behind at 5th place. Reasons for moms earning respect included “she is kind”, “she works hard for the family”, “she can …continue reading


Man worried girlfriend spending too long in bath goes to check on her, finds something surprising

“Your girlfriend is looking a little hairy lol.”

It can be nice to have a significant other in your life. Someone who you can evolve into Blastoise with together, or at the very least, someone who can call an ambulance if you choke on dinner or slip and fall in the bathtub.

That might’ve been what Japanese Twitter user Nekomarusuisan was worried about when his girlfriend was taking a bit too long in the bath the other day. He went to check on her, to make sure everything was okay.

What he found was shocking.

“I was worried because my girlfriend hadn’t come back from the bath.
When I went to check, she was busy enjoying paradise.”


— ねこまるすいさん (@nekomarusuisan7) December 2, 2020

No, wait! it’s not what it looks like. I swear I… okay, maybe it is what it looks like.

If we were the girlfriend, we probably wouldn’t have moved from that position either. A nice drink, a nice game, and two nice cats. What more could you possibly want?

For those who have never seen a Japanese bathtub cover before, that’s what the white thing is that the cats are lying on. It’s used to cover up the bathtub when not being used, to keep the water warm for the next person. And also to make a sweet gaming table, of course.

Here’s how Japnese netizens reacted:

“I like how the phone is in a waterproof bag but the Switch is not lol.”
“Is she playing Yoshi’s Island?”
“Every item in the picture just makes it better and better.”
“Be careful drinking while bathing!”
“Your girlfriend is looking a little hairy lol.”

▼ Nekomarusuisan also has a YouTube channel for their cats, Chamunosuke and Marukichi.
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Ho ho ho! Merry fried chicken sushi appears in Japan!

Japan’s signature cuisine meets its favorite Christmastime import.

Though the word “sushi” almost immediately conjures up images of raw fish, technically you can make sushi without any uncooked or marine elements. That’s because sushi technically means vinegared rice (which is why slices of raw fish without rice are called sashimi instead).

That said, the vast majority of sushi is topped with raw fish, and thee are only a handful of non-fish sushi you’ll find in a traditional restaurant, such as sushi with cucumber or egg. However, revolving sushi chain Kappa Sushi (also known as Kappazushi) is always looking to innovate, and so its newest sushi is not only fishless, but fried too.

This week marked the arrival of the Fried Chicken Nigiri to Kappa Sushi’s menu, which puts a breaded and sliced chicken fillet, seasoned with black pepper and a squirt of mayo, onto two blocks of sushi rice.

Now, ordinarily “Why would you want to eat fried chicken?” is kind of a silly question, since the obvious answer is “Because fried chicken is awesome. Now stop talking to me since I need to use my mouth to eat fried chicken.” There is, however, a second reason for the Fried Chicken Nigiri’s existence, and that’s that fried chicken is Japan’s favorite food to eat at Christmas. As a result, Kappa Sushi’s fried chicken sushi is a seasonal menu item, though it’ll be sticking around for a little while even after the yuletide atmosphere fades, being available until January 11.

▼ And if you don’t like sushi (i.e. the rice) in any combination, you can also just but the chicken straight-up, with your choice of black pepper or togarashi spicy pepper versions.

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Tweet of the Week #108: Perfectly Failed Pictures

Source: Gaijin Pot

Point and shoot. Taking pictures at the perfect time couldn’t be easier, right? Well, the reality is that professional photographers train for years to actively “wait’” for that brief moment of perfection.

The rest of us mostly end up with photo fails. But a picture gone wrong can be perfect in a different way. At least good enough for a laugh.

That’s the story behind the trending hashtag #全日本失敗写真協会, or “failed photograph association of all Japan,” encouraging people to share pictures taken at the wrong time. Photos get ruined for several reasons— shaky hands, incorrect settings, bad angles or an unfortunate movement—but scrolling back can reveal surprising results!

Timing Fails


— みその (@misono_bbb) November 29, 2020

これ以外(いがい)ないでしょ笑(わら) これが見納(みおさ)めよ

“There’s no other (better) than this lol. Look at this.”


— ほりぴよくん (@kiainohatopoppo) November 25, 2020


“I took a picture thinking my friend’s cat yawning was cute but took a picture of a cat looking like Antonio Inoki”*

*Antonio Inoki, a professional Japanese wrestler, is famously known not only for his career achievements but also for his ‘incredible’ chin.



— くすの とひろ(絵本・彫刻作家) (@KusunoTohiro) November 25, 2020

くろねこは、普通(ふつう)のねこより たくさん目(め)があるから 素晴(すば)らしい。

“Compared to regular cats, black cats have a lot of eyes, so they’re awesome.”

Panorama Fails

Taking panoramic pictures is super hard, and most of the time, you end up shooting some weirdly warped scenes and creatures who’d fit perfectly in Japanese horror movies.


— 📷🐰ᵐᵘしとˢⁱᵗᵒばむᵇᵃⁿ🐰📸 (@musitoban) November 24, 2020


“My friend’s neck blown away as I took a picture with the iPhone’s panorama mode.”



— 🆁‌🅰‌🆂‌🆃‌🅴‌🆁 (@RAStyle85) November 25, 2020


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Japanese water purification ritual at shrines under threat due to the pandemic

Shrine enthusiasts come up with a clever solution to help preserve an important tradition.

If you’ve ever visited a Japanese shrine, you’ll know there are important rituals involved in proper worship, and one of them starts right at the entrance, at the water purification fountain, known as the chozuya or temizuya.

This is where worshippers use ladles called hishaku to scoop up water to wash their hands and sometimes even their mouths. However, this year’s pandemic has highlighted the dangers involved in using, and drinking from, ladles shared with strangers, particularly for older worshippers, and so many shrines and temples have removed these ladles as a safety precaution, leading some to fear that the custom is in danger of dying out.

Gifu-based Tomiya Honten, a long-established retailer of shrine goods that’s been in business for over 120 years, is determined to ensure the custom doesn’t die out, and they’ve come up with a creative new product to help preserve the tradition, called “My Hishaku Hishakun”.

Hishakun is a cute-sounding play on the word hishaku, as “-kun” is the suffix used for young boys, which helps to personify the ladle. It also lines up with the mini size of the new product, which is less than half the length of a regular hishaku.

Water purification is an important ritual as it’s said to cleanse the body and mind, remove evil spirits, and allow people to worship with a sense of refreshment. Hishakun allows visitors to maintain this tradition with the peace of mind that the ladle they’re using is clean and hasn’t been touched by anyone other than themselves.

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Japanese comedian apologizes for his many “multipurpose toilet affairs”

That was not one of the multiple purposes of those toilets.

Earlier this year, the entertainment world was shocked when comedian Ken Watabe was caught in an extramarital affair. The affair part wasn’t all that shocking, because, let’s face it, a celebrity having an affair is about as surprising as finding vihta in a Finnish sauna… Am I right, folks?

But what made this scandal extra-juicy to the media was that he had multiple illicit rendezvous with different women, and exclusively inside multipurpose bathrooms. These kinds of restrooms are found all over public places in Japan like government buildings and shopping centers. They are genderless, intended for individual use, and provide a bevy of added functions as well as ample space to cater to all types of differently abled people.

▼ A rather extensive tour of the many features of a multipurpose bathroom

In Japan they are called “tamokuteki toilet” or “multipurpose toilets” as here the more direct nomenclature is preferred to euphemistic terms like “restroom” or “bathroom.” For parents of small children too these places can be a godsend, which also makes what Watabe did just that much more vomit-inducing.

According to reports, after hitting it off with various women he met on separate occasions while out and about, rather than one of Japan’s many discreet love hotels, or even a regular hotel, he would arrange to meet them in a multipurpose toilet in various Tokyo locations.

There he would proceed to get it on with them, often abusing the restroom’s handy shower faucet features to clean up after. He allegedly would also slip them a 10,000-yen (US$96) bill afterward – an odd move that’s equal parts considerate and insulting.

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KANOGU: Aromatic Paints Stimulate Your Sense of Sight & Smell

Painting primarily involves the sense of seeing and touching. Kanogu (香の具), which means “aromatic paints” in Japanese, is a new tool that combines 100% natural essential oils with paints to offer a new way of painting that also involves the sense of smell. Aromas are all around us, but how much do we really understand […]

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Disney lingerie sets from Japan let you step into the world of a magical princess

Beautiful lace embellishments are just part of what makes these undergarments so special.

“If you dream it, you can be it” is a phrase that’s strangely apt for the lingerie world in Japan, where your wildest fantasies of dressing up as your zodiac sign, your favourite animal or even an Evangelion character really can come true.

Now fantasies are becoming a reality again, with the announcement of a new lingerie line dedicated to some of the most famous princesses from the world of Disney. Created by Japanese online retailer Belle Maison, there are four designs to choose from, each paying homage to a different princess.

The bras are adorned with a beautiful lace embellishment on the left cup that details the silhouette of each princess. In the image below (left to right) you can see the princesses featured in the range: Ariel, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Belle.

The lingerie sets feature the same colour scheme as the dresses worn by the princesses in the Disney films, and come with a beautiful crystal-like charm on the bra.

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We piss our pants over and over to find the most comfortable Japanese baby diaper to pee in

SoraNews24’s newest daddy launches into warm, wet research for the sake of his daughter.

Regular SoraNews24 readers may have noticed that our Japanese-language reporter Ahiru Neko hasn’t been around as often recently. There’s actually a happy reason for that: he recently became a daddy!

Ahiru Neko and his wife welcomed a baby girl to their family this fall, and so he’s been taking time off to care for his adorable offspring. That means that instead of spending his days getting hot crepes thrown on his face and waiting for pigeons to poop on him, he’s been giving the baby baths and changing her diapers.

But that second fatherly task got him wondering. This is Ahiru Neko and his wife’s first child, and so he really doesn’t know much about which brand of diaper is the best. So he went on the Internet and did some checking around, which produced all sorts of information about which diapers are the quickest to change and which make it easiest to tell when the baby is wet. And that’s all fine and good, but Ahiru Neko couldn’t help notice that all those articles were written from the parents’ perspective.

Caring father that he is, Ahiru Neko wanted to know which diapers are the best from the perspective of the person actually using them, the baby. Unfortunately, at just a few months old his daughter is still too young to give any sort of verbal feedback, so Ahiru Neko was left with only one choice…

…buy a bunch of different diapers and see how it feels to piss himself in each of them.

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