6 Reasons Why I Love Tokyo

1. My campus is a fashion capital

I finished my undergraduate degree in 2017 and I was mid-way through a working holiday. I was living the life doing English teacher jobs but I knew that I wanted to do something more. I applied for the Global Fashion Concentration degree at Bunka Gakuen University—and I got in! It shares a campus with the world-renowned Bunka Fashion College whose alumni include Yohji Yamamoto and Kenzo Takada (founder of the fashion brand Kenzo). It’s teeming with creativity and well-dressed students!

Every day feels like a runway and I always feel so underdressed. But, every day is also super exciting because I’m surrounded by future designers, buyers, and top fashion creatives so it’s a great place to network and get inspiration. I also, occasionally, get to model some outrageous (and nine times out of ten, super heavy!) designs for runway shows.

2. My fashion magazine is based in Tokyo

I grew up looking at (not reading, that would come later) Japanese fashion magazines like Fruits and Kera. One look at Hirari Ikeda, and boom! I was in love. I knew I wanted to create something just as important.
The Comm is an idea that came to me when I was on my year abroad at Waseda University. Japanese street fashion is so liberating and fun, but a lot of things get lost in translation and they end up becoming dogma. I wanted to open up the lines of communication (we have a super fancy word for it: cultural mediation) so I started the magazine with the aim of providing a resource that was accessible and jam-packed …continue reading