Tweet of the Week #102: Stay Pawsitive With Hissterically Funny Cat Tweets

Source: Gaijin Pot

Feline sad about the news? Nothing can cheer you up quite like slices of life from our little furry friends.

Classic Cat’n’box

No comment.


— ちーな@ぽち 🍁 (@_Alber_tina) October 2, 2020

多分(たぶん)世界一(せかいいち)のバカ = “Probably the dumbest cat in the world.”


Spend one day in a Japanese residential neighborhood, and you will come across plastic bottles filled with water lined along the road. You can spot them against a wall, around plants, cars and home entrances.

But what are they for?

The tweet below will give you a clue!


— サライネス 自称漫画家 よう知らんけど多分。 (@SAARA_INES) October 5, 2020


“A great example that shows why using bottles as cat repellent is obsolete.”

Yes, you read that right. People use bottles to repel cats and prevent them from, well, doing cat stuff. In Japanese, it’s called nekoyoke, or cat repelling. It stays popular in Japan, despite no supporting evidence that it actually scares cats away.

Speaking of water

Far from being repelled by water, some cats even enjoy our sinks.


— ねこ美 (@nekobi_info) October 6, 2020

もうちょっと普通(ふつう)の飲(の)み方(かた)は出来(でき)なかったんでしょうか =

“Couldn’t he drink water in a slightly more normal way…?”

No one can resist a cute kitten… Let alone 3!

Last week, blogger and Twitter user @NipponKawauso realized he was being followed home by two adorable kittens.


— たいちゃん@ニホンカワウソ探し中 (@NipponKawauso) October 6, 2020


“I felt something was following me. What to do…”

Yielding to their adorable meowing, @NipponKawauso decided to take them home, but not before doing a quick check of the are, which led him to discover a 3rd kitten abandoned in a box.


— たいちゃん@ニホンカワウソ探し中 (@NipponKawauso) October 6, 2020


“These were kittens wrapped in a blanket and thrown away. There was one more one. They looked weak …continue reading