Genital manju sweets, with a dash of “pubic hair”, raise eyebrows in Japan

His and hers steamed cakes are a popular gift for newlyweds.

Once you’ve tied the knot with your loved one and are setting out on the path of marital bliss, you’ll likely be opening wedding gifts together after the big day. Here in Japan, friends and relatives usually present the bride and groom with money, but that’s not to say newlyweds can’t receive an additional little something as an extra wish for happiness in their marriage..and in the bedroom.

That’s the concept behind a rare and beautiful set of manju sweets produced by a small, eight-person business in a rural town in Ibaraki Prefecture. Called Kimura Seika, this sweets company may be small, but what they make has become big with tourists.

▼ Kimura Seika has been in business since 1931.

This sweets specialist is famous for their Inyo Manju, which translates to “Yin and Yang Manju“, with manju being the word for traditional steamed cakes with a paste filling. And if you’re wondering what the Yin and the Yang in the name refers to, one quick look at the product should explain everything.

▼ A precious gift for newlyweds.

As the above photo shows, the sweets look like his and hers private parts. While the design is intentional, the manju on the right is said to resemble a matsutake mushroom and the cake on the left is said to resemble the fruit of the chocolate vine.

▼ The mushroom and the fruit appear on the beautiful packaging.

The Inyo Manju pay homage to nearby Inyo Shrine, which was built as a sacred site for marriage-related deity …continue reading