QR Code-based payment methods in Japan

Which QR-code based payment service do you most use? graph of japanese statistics

Contactless payments, be they IC chip or barcode-based are perhaps becoming more popular due to COVID-19 making physical cash a potential transmission vector, so this survey from MMD Labo into smartphone QR Code-based payments may reveal some trends in Japan.

I mostly use smartphone-based public transport IC chip-based payments, JR East’s (the major train operator in the Tokyo area) SUICA. Once in a blue moon I use QR Code-based methods, the mobile phone operator Docomo’s dBarai system, and I once got 500 yen free credit from FamiPay.

Research results

Q1: How to you normally pay for things? (Sample size=45,000, multiple answer)

Cash 90.8%
Credit card 73.3%
Smartphone payment 41.2%
Card-form public transport IC card 28.5%
Other electronic cash 23.2%
Debit card 7.9%
Other 0.3%

Q2: Do you use QR-code based payments? (Sample size=45,000)

Yes, currently do (to SQ1) 33.3%
Used to use (to SQ1) 14.1%
Investigating using 4.5%
Know basically what they are, but haven’t used 19.6%
Know names of various services, but don’t know the details 7.9%
Heard the term, but don’t know about it 14.6%
Don’t know anything at all 6.1%

Q2SQ1: Which QR-code based payment service do you use the most? (Sample size=21,529)

PayPay 43.1%
dBarai 18.2%
Rakuten Pay 15.4%
au PAY 12.1%
LINE Pay 4.6%
Mercari 3.6%
FamiPay 1.5%
QUO Card Pay 0.9%
Yucho Pay 0.4%
Other 0.3%

I’m not sure exactly how they got the number of people for the next question; it’s not just the “Investigating using” from Q2.

Q2SQ2: Which QR-code based payment service are you looking at using the most? (Sample size=4,958)

PayPay 20.2%
Rakuten Pay 18.7%
dBarai 16.2%
au PAY 11.9%
LINE Pay 9.4%
Mercari 6.6%
FamiPay 6.0%
QUO Card Pay 5.5%
Yucho Pay 5.4%
Other 0.2%


Between the 1st and 4th of January 2021 45,000 memnbers of the MMD Labo monitor group aged between 18 and 69 years old completed a private internet-based questionnaire. Further demographics were not given.

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