Would Evangelion be better if it toned down its horniness? Fans debate

Should Shinji have been saying “We mustn’t show naked women?”

At any given point, Evangelion has a huge number of thematic, aesthetic, and plot-related balls in the air. Giant robots! Invading space monsters! Government conspiracies! Delicious sake!

That multi-faceted nature is what makes it so unique, compelling, and entertaining. But if we’re giving a thorough description of Eva, we probably need to add “horny” to the list of adjectives too. The series has no shortage of scenes which show its female cast in skin-tight outfits, swimwear, or various states of undress, and while some viewers may just accept that as par for the course in anime, a recent Japanese Twitter debate shows that some people would like Eva better if it toned down the attempts at sexiness.


— こころ (@ham_kokoro) January 22, 2021

“I’m watching Eva, but what’s up with all the scenes with naked women, women’s breasts, and women’s underwear, which have nothing to do with the story?” reads the tweet from Twitter user @ham_kokoro which kicked off the discussion. “It’s making it so I can’t concentrate. Can men not make it through an episode if there’s not a female body shown every 15 minutes?”

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Some commenters were quick to agree that yes, they could do without the risqué sideshows pulling focus from the sci-fi storytelling.

“It just doesn’t fit with the rest of the series.”
“I always end up turning away from the screen in those scenes. Why do they have to show camera angles coming up from between the girls’ legs?”
“I watched Eva once, but this I why I don’t want to watch it again.”
“I totally know how you feel.”
“They show off too many of the contours of Asuka’s physique.”

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