Do NOT eat this delicious looking bento and other Japanese food…because they’re not food!【Pics】

Japanese artist makes a delicious feast for the eyes out of non-edible material.

No other foodie culture values presentation as much as Japan does. It doesn’t matter if it’s a five-course meal at a fancy hotel or just something quick you whipped up for breakfast at home, if you want people to be impressed with your culinary skills, the food you make has to be as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate.

And at first glance, Japanese Twitter user @meganenooo seems to have truly taken to heart the philosophy that food should look as good as it tastes. These snapshots, for example, show a Pizza Margherita, plate of mixed tempura, fried egg with a golden, gooey yolk, and a bento boxed lunch with grilled salmon and a fried shrimp that all appear perfectly cooked and arranged.



— メガネのおじいちゃん (作品展*開催中) (@meganenooo) January 21, 2021

But the truth is that as mouthwatering as these meals look, you wouldn’t want to eat them, because each and every item is actually made out of paper!

All of these edible-looking (but not actually edible) works of art were made by @meganenooo’s father, who’s in his mid-70s and took up “fake food” papercraft as a hobby a few years ago when he found himself with some extra free time on his hands.

Even more impressive is that @meganenooo’s dad is self-taught. These aren’t standard origami exercises or pre-sorted kits he’s using. Instead, he selects the materials himself, primarily using the pliable Japanese …continue reading