What’s it like to eat at the Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo right now?

The world’s first permanent Pokémon Cafe is feeling the blow of Japan’s international travel restrictions.

Back in March 2018, the world’s first permanent Pokémon Cafe opened alongside the Pokémon Centre megastore in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district, and we were one of the first to reserve a table.

Sadly, our Pokémon-obsessed Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun missed out on attending at the time, and after trying in vain to secure a reservation for months afterwards, the coronavirus pandemic arrived, disrupting the cafe’s business hours and forcing P.K. to give up on his dream of tasting ’em all.

However, during this time P.K.’s young daughter was fast developing a love for Pokémon, and this year the now-four-year-old had become just as keen as her father to visit the cafe, which had taken on a Disneyland-like appeal in their eyes.

With his daughter’s dreams upon his shoulders, P.K. decided to be the very best dad, like no one ever was, and attempted to make a reservation yet again. Surprisingly, he managed to get a booking with ease, likely because current travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic meant reservation battles with fans from around the world were considerably less intense.

His previous failed attempts to get in ended up being a blessing in disguise, though, because this way he was able to share his first time at the cafe with his Pokémon-loving daughter, who would’ve been too young to appreciate just how special it was when it first opened.

▼ So it was a special day when P.K. and his daughter arrived at the cafe, making their way past Snorlax, Pikachu and Mew in the lobby the cafe shares with the shiny Pokémon Centre next door.

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