Cola made from the island that inspired Princess Mononoke begins crowdfunding

“Natural” and “world heritage” aren’t words often used to describe cola.

Cola is a beverage often associated with junk food and large corporations, but in recent years the trend of “craft cola” has been bringing the art back to cola production. From roadside stands selling handmade drinks to homemade recipes, the limits to cola can go far beyond just “Coke” and to exotic places like Yakushima.

Yakushima is an island off the southern tip of Kagoshima Prefecture, renowned for its carefully preserved natural beauty and designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its lush, moss-covered forests and ancient trees are said to have inspired the backdrops of Princess Mononoke.

However, with the ongoing travel restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19, it’s not as easy to get there as it used to be. It would be great if one could take all the age and beauty of Yakushima, bottle it up, and send it to us, so that’s just what the cola craftspeople of Biground have done with Yakushima Millennium Craft Cola.

This cola contains turmeric that has been grown in Yakushima and infused with the essential oils and minerals of the land. Cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom are also added and this mixture is all sweetened with muscovado and unrefined sugars from the neighboring island of Tanegashima.

The water in this cola is also from Yakushima, where it is said to “rain 35 days a month.” This high precipitation, combined with the pristine ecosystem of the island, generates a distinctly “ultra soft water” that gives …continue reading