Matcha Tea Set – Full Kit For Your Japanese Tea Ceremony Inc. Whisk & Bowl

Matcha Tea Set Kit - Blue Waves Edition

Matcha Tea Set – Matcha tea is becoming more and more famous around the world and we, at Sugoii Japan, are big fans too! First, it has so much health benefits! It’s high in antioxidants, can help you lose weight, and has positive impacts on your liver and brain. But one of the best thing about Matcha tea is probably its preparation.

Indeed, the preparation of your tea via a traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a meditation session by itself! It’s so relaxing to slowly prepare your beverage and drink it by following the ancient Japanese traditions. For more info, we wrote a whole guide about the Japanese tea ceremony here.

To perform this traditional ceremony at home, you will need a matcha tea set but don’t worry, we have you covered!

What Is included In A Matcha Tea Set?

A Matcha tea set needs to contain these 4 following tools:

  • One large bowl where you will drink your tea.
  • One whisk called a chasen in Japanese. The whisk is actually pretty important cause it will help you to mix uniformly the matcha powder and the hot water. The design of the matcha whisk will also help you to create small air balls in order to give a visually pleasing look to your beverage. The whisk is made from a single piece of bamboo with uniform “teeth”.
  • In order to keep the shape of the whisk, it’s advised to use a chasen holder, usually made in ceramic.
  • The last tool you will need in your kit is a bamboo spoon called chashaku in Japanese. As you may have guessed, the chashaku is used to add your matcha powder into your bowl.

With these 4 tools, you will be able to prepare your matcha tea at home like a real Japanese tea master!

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