Mille Feuille Hot Pot (Nabe) with Pork and Chinese Cabbage

Hero shot of Mille Feuille Hot Pot

Hot pot recipes are usually easy. Among those easy hot pots, this Mille Feuille Hot Pot is the easiest nabe recipe. Chinese cabbage/nappa cabbage and thinly sliced pork belly are layered, then placed in a pot to look like a large flower. The simple dashi-based broth enhances the flavour of the cabbage and pork.

When you Google search ‘mille feuille recipe’, you will find the layered puff pastries with cream. But today’s dish is a savoury hot pot. The French ‘mille feuille’ means thousand leaf. Because the cabbage leaves in the hot pot are layered, Japanese people call today’s dish Mille Feuille Nabe (ミルフィーユ鍋).

It is said that this hot pot became popular after the food corporation, Ajinomoto broadcast a TV commercial for their dashi stock powder in 2010. In the commercial, it was introduced as a layered pork and cabbage hot pot.

But it was subsequently called Mille Feuille Nabe and became very popular. Many things named using foreign words tend to become trendy in Japan, because people think that they sound fancy and “cool”. There are many good reasons why Mille Feuille Hot Pot became popular.

  • Fancy name
  • Easy to make
  • Only two main ingredients
  • Tasty!

Taking some food onto a serving bowl from the Mille Feuille Hot Pot

The Australian summer is over, and we are well into autumn. When I see beautiful Chinese cabbage on the shelf of the vegetable shops I have to buy a whole cabbage, even if I am the only person living in my house and it will be too much. I then have to think about Chinese cabbage recipes to use up the whole cabbage.

Today’s dish, Mille Feuille Hot Pot (Nabe) with Pork and Chinese Cabbage can consume quite a bit of Chinese cabbage.

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