Omikuji Japan – A Comprehensive Guide To These Fortune Telling Slips

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One of the most fascinating things about Japan’s is just how deep-rooted its historical traditions are entrenched in activities that we see today. Many of the cultural aspects of Japan that you experience nowadays have been carefully and beautifully preserved from thousands of years ago. This includes the intriguing concept of Omikuji, small pieces of paper that predict your fortune!

Omikuji has been around for hundreds of years. During New Year, when the Japanese people visit temples and shrines to pray for well wishes for the following year, they also take the opportunity to draw Omikuji. They often use this as an indication for their fortune for the year.

Omikuji, however, can be drawn at any time during the year, and you will often see people doing so during festivals and such. Traditionally, it was written in only Japanese, but over time, the readings have been developed into many different languages, and you will find some temples and shrines sprinkled all over the country which offer translations for foreigners.

If you’re not a big believer of fortune telling, we recommend you try this anyway as it is a fun and exciting way to experience Japanese culture.

History of Omikuji

Muromachi Period Kyoto
Kyoto during Muromachi Period

Omikuji has been around for hundreds of years. It is believed to have started as early as from the Muromachi Period (from 1336-1573), during which they were created based on collections of Chinese poems. Today, when you receive an Omikuji, it will most likely feature a poem as well.

In the past, Omikuji is said to have been used for such things as predicting huge events such as government outcomes or even choosing …continue reading