Japan Etiquette – 20 Things NOT To Do In Japan | Rules & Good Manners

Japan Etiquette - Remove Shoes

Japan Etiquette – Japan is a country that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors as its peak. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular countries to visit in the world and has even landed on the list of becoming one of the most popular places that people want to move to!

It’s incredibly alluring lifestyle and perfect mix of traditional culture with modern-day advancements continues to fascinate people from all around the world.

However, as you may have heard by now, it’s a country that runs on fairly rigid rules. Most of the time, foreigners are forgiven for breaking some of the social etiquette expected to be upheld in Japan. It is still polite, though, to make the effort to understand what some of these are so that you can actively avoid offending locals.

Below we’ve listed the top 20 things you should not do when you visit Japan.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and expect that you will be able to remember every single one, every single time. However, be conscious that this is how the Japanese people live and they will appreciate you making the effort!

1. Remove shoes when entering most indoor areas

Removing shoes when entering a home is a common rule for most Asian households. This is no exception in Japan. However, this country may take it a step further than you are used to.

Some workplaces, restaurants, and even schools and accommodations will expect you to take off your shoes when entering.

For most of the public places, there will be a shoe locker for you to store your shoes in before entering, so there is a safety measure in that. Most of the time, with any restaurants that have tatami mat floors, this is the case.

Accommodations such as traditional ryokan and capsule hotels will also require …continue reading