Shuzenji Onsen – A Secret Hot Spring Town in Shizuoka Prefecture

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The quaint onsen town of Shuzenji has long stayed off the path of popularity and tourist crowds, but if you’re looking for a short and wholesome getaway to get away from the noise, leisurely explore on foot, and get lost in Japan’s nature, Shuzenji Onsen might be a great option. Located in the hillier district of Izu Peninsula, don’t expect to see vast ocean views here; instead, you will be blessed with historic buildings and stunning forests.

It’s a town where there is not an extensive list of activities to do, but that is the beauty of it: you can explore the town on your own terms, and whatever activity you do want to do, you know has not been altered by the commercial touch. Shuzenji Onsen is a pure and authentic Japanese experience that goes hand in hand with rest and relaxation.

One of the reasons why people choose to visit this small town is because its appeal has, in the past, helped creatives get in touch with themselves and come out on the other side more inspired and refreshed. It’s also got a history that involves a monk creating an onsen bath out of his own tool, the death of a famous intelligent shogun, and is the birthplace of one of the most quintessential Japanese ingredients ever to grace the face of this earth: wasabi.

How To Get To Shuzenji Onsen?

From Tokyo Station, take the Tokaido-Sanyo bullet train to Mishima station, and alight here to change for the Sunzu line for Shuzenji station. Both train rides will take roughly 90-minutes and they are covered by your JR Pass. From Shuzenji station, you will need to catch the Izu Hakone bus to Shuzenji Onsen (10-minutes).

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