Which green tea is best for you?


Sencha, gyokuro, and matcha all vary greatly in quality. Even within first-harvest teas there are different grades of tea.

Japanese Green Tea Online only markets fresh first-harvest teas of the highest quality.

The Choice is Yours

Here are the types of Japanese green tea.


Netto Gyokuro: High grade gyokuro from Uji. This tea has a wonderful naturally sweet aroma and a crisp gyokuro taste.Uji Tezumi Gyokuro: The highest quality gyokuro from Uji. This tea is slightly sweeter than Netto Gyokuro and is among the finest gyokuro teas in Japan,


Netto Sencha: A paler infusion than Fukamushi cha and has a clean, slightly astringent taste. A delicious tea with meals.

Fukamushi Sencha: 100% certified organic sencha. It brews to a consistency like matcha but sweeter. This tea has a delicious, natural taste. Fukamushicha is famous for its rich emerald color.


Healthy and invigorating. Matcha is high quality gyokuro that has been ground to a very fine powder. This tea is whipped to a bright green froth. For connoisseurs our Houn no Uji matcha is of the highest quality.

Fresh Japanese Green Tea

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Genmaicha: The combination of quality sencha, puffed brown rice (genmai) and a bit of matcha give this tea a delightful toasted barley taste and a rich green color. Genmai cha has a very low caffeine content.

Teabags: Our teabags are user-friendly and contain fresh, high quality green tea. Great for the office and traveling.

Shincha: Shincha is freshly harvested sencha leaves. Aromatic and delicious. Only available in late spring and early summer.

Japanese Green Tea Online buys teas from several tea growers in Uji and Southern Japan. We sampled many teas before we selected the teas you will find in our online shop.

This commitment extends to all of our teas. Even genmaicha, a …continue reading