Japanese Tea Ceremony – All You Need To Know About This Old Japanese Tradition

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In a land where history is steeped in everyday life, you won’t find a better place to experience cultural traditions. The art of the Japanese tea ceremony, called ‘chado’, ‘sado’, or even ‘chanoyu’, all of which loosely translates to ‘the way of tea’, is an intricate one.

It is one that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s both a spiritual process and a healing experience for the host and the guest.

You may have come across images of tea being served in ryokans to guests before; this is a popular way of experiencing it when visiting Japan. These days, there are varying degrees of complexity in the different ways the Japanese tea ceremony can be conducted.

Many Japanese people still host tea ceremonies as hobbies. You can also seek out to experience the full-on traditional ceremony which will go over the course of a few hours and involve a kaiseki meal and various types of tea.

Otherwise, as mentioned above, the most popular way would be staying at a traditional Japanese inn which also offers a lighter tea ceremony experience during your stay.

There are actually many intricacies involved in the tea ceremony. Its history also has roots which extend all the way to China. Read on for more fun and interesting information on this old Japanese tradition!

The History Of The Japanese Tea Ceremony

The History Of The Japanese Tea Ceremony

The beginnings of the Japanese tea ceremony can be traced back to the 7th or 8th century. This is when it was believed that tea was first introduced to Japan by China. Initially, it was …continue reading