Japan Post introduces new system for overseas shipping

Source: grapee.jp

Last week I wanted to send my sister, who lives in the United States, a gift for her wedding. Upon placing the packages on the service counter and informing the postal worker of their destination, I was met with a flurry of confusion.

Apparently I was one of the first foreigners who’d wanted to send a package to the USA since a new rule went into effect.

As Japan Post’s official website states in perfect English:

“As of January 1, 2021, we will no longer accept postal items addressed to the USA with handwritten labels.”

I was unaware there’d been any change in policy so a simple trip to the post office turned into quite a hassle. So I write this article in the hopes of increasing awareness to make this process less painful for others to come.

How To Prepare a Label

Since handwritten labels are no longer accepted, Japan Post requires all senders to register on their website, fill in the basic information about the package, and then print out a label.

Here’s the link to Japan Post’s International Mail My-page Service below.

The process is simple enough. Input your details to create an account. You can register your home address, as well as other addresses for future labels. Then input information about your package such as the contents and quantity.

It’s not necessary to input how much everything weighs or costs, just fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk.

The site is accessibly by PC and smartphone. You can print out the label yourself if you have access to a printer or want to print it out at the convenience store.

However, you should also get an email confirmation from the sender ems-label which includes a link to a 2D code you can scan at post offices equipped with …continue reading