Sake vs Soju vs Shochu – What’s The Difference?

Traditional Japanese Sake Set 1

Sake vs Soju vs Shochu – As tourism in Asia becomes more and more popular, this invariably means that the interest in the food and drinks part of the culture will also grow correspondingly. It’s always been a known fact that people connect with others over food and drinks more easily than any other parts of their culture, and this is the same with anyone visiting Asian countries.

Amongst the chief popular drinks items to come from Asian countries, there are none more popular than the globally known sake, shochu, and soju. Each of these drinks are distinct in their own right, and yet they’re commonly placed in the same category by those not quite sure of their make-up and materials.

Sake and shochu are originally produced in Japan, whereas soju, one of the most top-selling liquors in the world by volume, is originally from Korea.

Each of these drinks are created in different ways, and thus the results are three completely different tasting yet equally enjoyable drinks.

Their differences lay in their base ingredient, method of distil or fermentation, length of distil or fermentation, and, most importantly, how they’re meant to be enjoyed.

We’ve listed below some basic information regarding each type of drink as well as how you can maximise your enjoyment of each drink.

Let the battle between Sake vs Soju vs Shochu starts!

What is Sake?

Sake Japan barrel 1

At its core, sake is a brewed alcoholic beverage made from fermented Japanese rice. It is not, however, a rice wine as most people mistaken it for.

The production process of sake starts with polishing rice grains, i.e., removing the outer layer of each grain until only the starchy core remains. The next step is fermenting rice for …continue reading