This prize-winning poiré is sustainably made from Hosui pears grown in Chiba Prefecture


Chiba no Megumi “Nashi Sparkling Wine”

Chiba Kenshu Hanbai Co., Ltd. 千葉県酒類販売株式会社, a general trading company of alcoholic beverages and food products based in Chiba Prefecture, will be selling its popular “Nashi Sparkling Wine” (nashi 梨 meaning Asian pear) from the “Chiba no Megumi” 千葉のめぐ実 series in a “renewed” form with a new package. Advanced sales begin today, October 14th, and general sales will begin on October 28th, 2021.

Chiba Prefecture is the number one pear-producing prefecture in Japan since it offers an ideal environment in terms of both soil and climate conditions.

Poiré (pear sparkling wine) made from 100% Asian pears cultivated in Japan is extremely rare. This poiré is made from Hosui Asian pears from Kamagaya, a famous pear-growing area in Chiba Prefecture, which has an ideal environment in terms of both soil and climate conditions.

Chiba no Megumi “Nashi Sparkling Wine” lets you appreciate the great taste of Hosui pears, prized for their subtle sweetness and refreshing mild tartness. It comes as no surprise that it’s one of the company’s best-selling products that sells out every year.

New look, same great taste

Chiba no Megumi “Sparkling Wine” now comes in a special festive bottle perfect for special occasions.

“Chiba no Megumi” series

In 2002, Chiba Prefecture began developing original products that using 100% ingredients grown and produced in Chiba. Taking a hint from the name of the prefecture which is written 千葉 (a thousand leaves), they developed the catchphrase: sensan senshō 千産千消 “thousands of products for thousands of consumers.”

Inspired by this initiative, Chiba Kenshu Hanbai Co., Ltd. created the “Chiba no Megumi” series of original products using fresh fruit and produce harvested in Chiba Prefecture.

An award-winning wine

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