Autumn Foliage Forecast 2021 Japan – When and Where To See Autumn Leaves

Autumn Foliage Forecast Japan 2021 Momiji

Autumn Foliage Forecast 2021 Japan – It’s this time of the year again! Autumn is one of the most beautiful season in Japan and it’s personally my favourite. The leaves on the trees will slowly turn yellow, orange or red, giving a colourful look to the amazing natural landscapes of Japan.

As you may know, Autumn foliage is largely influenced by weather and this natural phenomenon doesn’t happen at the same time in all the country.

The Japan Meteorological Corporation recently released its second Autumn foliage forecast 2021. These dates are basically the best viewing dates of Autumn leaves for each region in Japan.

During the Koyo season, you will be able to see 2 popular Autumn leaves: the red Momiji (maple trees) and the yellow Ginkgo. The viewing dates for these 2 categories of leaves are slightly different as you will see in the maps below.

2021 Best Viewing Dates for Momiji in Japan

For the Momiji, the red maple leaves, the best time to see them will be early November (11/4) in Sapporo, Hokkaido. To view them in Tokyo, you will have to wait until the end of November. For Osaka and Kyoto, the best time to view Momiji in 2021 will be early December.

Autumn Foliage Forecast Map Japan 2021 Momiji

2021 Best Viewing Dates for Ginkgo in Japan

Autumn Foliage Forecast Japan 2021 Ginkgo

As you can see, the best viewing dates for Gingko leaves are a bit different from the …continue reading