Explore the surface of The Moon at Tottori Sand Dunes this November

Source: grapee.jp

If you’re a lunar-curious soul and have always been fascinated by the moon and the idea of being in outer space, this ‘astronaut experience’ taking place at Tottori Sand Dunes at night could be the perfect opportunity for you to step into the boots of your inner space-walker.

The event fuses together the strange and seemingly out-of-place landscape of Tottori Sand Dunes with lunar experiences through ​​VR and AR goggles.

Kzaral | CC by 2.0

A rather unexpected sight, the Tottori Sand Dunes are Japan’s largest deposit of sand, reaching 50 meters in height and stretching 16 kilometres along the shore of the sea of Japan. Though most people come to visit this natural attraction during daylight hours, for those who venture here after dark, the already other-worldly landscape seems to take on the appearance of what looks like the scenery one would expect on the moon.

Taking advantage of this natural environment characteristic, creative space simulation company amulapo have created an unique event where participants can become a lunar explorer and take on moon missions at Tottori Sand Dunes through the immersive power of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Using the latest AR goggles, participants will experience the perspective of an astronaut, from the first successful landing of Apollo 11 in 1969 to the futuristic concept world of a moon city, which – in accordance with the simulation’s theoretical story – will be built on the moon sometime in the near future.
The visuals which can be experienced through the goggles include both real life footage from past lunar expeditions, to adventures and concepts created digitally by artists and scientists at amulapo.

The leading story of the simulation will follow a team of astronauts (made up by the event participants) as they set out …continue reading