Konbini Guide – All You Need To Know About Japanese Convenience Stores

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When you visit Japan for the first time, you will be blown away by the beauty of the Nature, the punctuality of the train system and the complexity of the Japanese traditional culture. But surprisingly, another thing is going to impress you: KONBINI!

What Is A Konbini?

A konbini is essentially a Japanese convenience store that sells everything from groceries to household products and cosmetics, and even Muji basics! However, the most typical reason for a duck into a konbini is to conveniently grab a selection of their deliciously prepared food items, ranging from oden (hot from the dashi broth!) to daily-made elaborately-wrapped bento boxes.

Visiting Japanese convenience stores is a beloved pastime for pretty much everyone visiting and living in Japan, guaranteed. It’s been hailed as one of the top favourite places and activities to visit during anyone’s trip to this wild and wonderful country, and as bizarre as that sounds, it has rightfully earned its reputation.

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During the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Japanese konbini even gained international coverage and spotlight! As athletes and press from all around the world poured into the country, they found that their confinement to the grounds (because of COVID-19) wasn’t so bad when they discovered the magical world of Japan’s 24-hour convenience stores!

A journalist even labelled it as “a culinary world unto itself!”.

The Main Konbini Chains in Japan

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