Medication in Japan – What To Do When You Get Ill In Japan

Medication in Japan - Fever

Medication in Japan – One of things we take for granted when heading to or traveling around a foreign country is our health and well-being. The dreams and excitement of experiencing new and wonderful things and making memories with family and friends often overshadows the reality that often different climates take tolls on our bodies.

For many people traveling to Japan, the weather may come as a shock, especially during summer and winter. In summer, the weather is annoyingly humid, and during winter, it gets devastatingly cold especially in the northern regions (unless you’re from a country like Russia!).

With this change in climate comes the chance that you may fall ill. From sniffly noses to sore throats, headaches and even dehydration, catching a sickness whilst overseas is definitely not fun. In a country like Japan where English is not widely spoken, it can be a struggle to purchase medicine to help you get better.

Below we’ve listed some basic information on medication in Japan you need if you do fall ill.

Best Medication In Japan For Common Type of Sicknesses

Fever Medicine in Japan

A fever happens when your body temperature rises above normal.

  1. Tylenol A – This is a medicine that is used to lower the temperature of fevers.
  2. Lulu Attack EX – This medication is used to combat common cold symptoms including fever and chills. They come in a pill format.
  3. Bufferin – Bufferin is a small box of pills that is taken to treat fevers, colds, headaches, and cramps. There are various options of Bufferin which include Premium (high level of pain), Luna (cramps and related pains), Kaze EX (cold-related), and standard.
  4. Loxonin S – This is a pill-type medicine that’s taken for fevers, headaches, cramps, joint pains and more. This is a stronger option than those previously listed.

Stomach Pain in Japan

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