Japan’s first ‘highest altitude fireworks’ display to be held on slopes of Mt. Fuji

Source: grapee.jp

Though fireworks are most commonly associated with summer festivals in Japan, there’s no rule that says you can’t enjoy them year round; and during the colder months when skies are clearer, the colourful displays contrast against the dark of night and appear to shine brighter than ever.

On the 18th of December this year, the lower slopes of Mount Fuji will become the setting for ‘Japan’s highest altitude fireworks display‘ when approximately 5,000 fireworks will be launched from the second station of the Fujinomiya trail.

The display will be taking place at Amusement Park Grinpa, which is located at the second station of the Fujinomiya trail (with most hikers starting their Fuji climb from the fifth stations, it’s also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the lesser-visited lower end of the trail).

Two plans have been prepared to cope with recommendations on minimizing contact between people; firstly, the event will provide 4,500 socially distanced seats within the park that can reserved in advance, secondly, for those who wish to further reduce the risk of contact, there will be drive-in fireworks tickets that allow people to safely view the display from their parked car.
Taking advantage of the themepark’s terrain, the seats – angled on the mountain’s slopes will make the fireworks appear bigger and more powerful than ever.

Due to the prolonged effects of the pandemic, a great number of fireworks displays and events have been cancelled over the past year and a half. If the situation continues as it is, then these cancellations will force fireworks companies to close and will inevitably lead to the decline of the Japanese fireworks industry as a whole.
In response to this threat, the Mount Fuji Fireworks display has been designed as a way to support fireworks masters and …continue reading