Bone-chilling discovery at abandoned farm in Japan looks like a horror movie opening


Japanese farmer’s discovery has the makings of a horror movie.

Earlier this year, Japanese Twitter user Morris=Dama (@moridama) began work as a farmer and beekeeper in the countryside. A fulfilling and quiet job, but like all horror movies, the quiet only lasts so long before you find something you maybe shouldn’t have.

Morris=Dama took to Twitter to share a photo of an unsettling discovery she made. Near the apiary she works on, she stumbled across an abandoned farm. That enough might make some people want to turn back, but she was captivated by the chilling and mysterious sight that decorated the walls of the deserted ranch.

Terrified, she shared a photo of what she found saying “I have no idea what to do and am so scared.

Source: @moridam


— 🦋モリス=ダマ🐝 (@moridama) April 17, 2022

Hanging on the outer walls are a number of deformed and withered masks that are strangely lifelike and seem to be staring right at you. Posted next to them is a mysterious sign board that says “Those who enter the farm, please make sure to…“, with the lettering where the specifics of what to do were either never filled in, or faded over time.

The eerie combination of an abandoned farm, horrifying masks, and a mysterious incomplete message has many on Twitter feeling chills, comparing the scene to the beginnings of a horror movie like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

While it seems like we’ll never know the mystery behind the abandoned farm, it seems Morris=Dama has taken the scare in good stride, deciding to use the blank space in the message as a template for a meme by filling in “Those who enter the farm, please make …continue reading