Japanese Dress Code – What To Wear In Japan According To The Situation

Business dress codes in Japan for men

Japan is a country with its own unique way of dressing and interacting with others. On certain occasions, they have a strict dress code that visitors must follow to avoid any embarrassment or uncomfortable scenarios. Have a look at these helpful tips to ensure you look your best on your next visit to Japan.

Business Dress Codes in Japan

You want to dress appropriately to be taken seriously in the workplace and gain respect among your colleagues. When dressing in Japan, conservative and neutral tones are your safest dress code guides.

Business dress codes in Japan for men

Men conventionally wear dark suits, a shirt and tie, and slacks. Although some workplaces would socially accept loud colors and patterns, your safest bet would be sticking to solid and neutral colors. Don’t wear a black suit with a black tie as that is something you would wear to a funeral.

Japanese companies don’t allow Japanese men to have shaved hair or beards. Go for a short and clean haircut and shave your facial hair regularly.

Business dress codes in Japan for women

Business dress codes in Japan for women

Women’s business dress is constrained and formal. Women can wear a shirt, a cardigan, or a jacket with knee-length skirts or trousers for a more business casual look. On occasion, you should wear upmarket jewelry that doesn’t look flashy. Keep your hair tied back in an up-do, or brush it through nicely so your hair looks nice and clean.


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