Japanese photog’s stunning photo “captures” the Milky Way, as well as over 352,000 likes

Source: grapee.jp

“I captured the Milky Way.”

Such was the caption for a stunning photo in a Tweet that has garnered over 352,000 likes at the time of writing.

The contributor is ふぁれん Fahren (@fahrens_photo), a photographer whose photos of starry skies continue to delight followers on Twitter.

Take a look at the image which elicited comments such as “So beautiful…” and “Awesome! I think it’s a very nice composition”:

天の川を捕まえました pic.twitter.com/qxWJphTdz8

— ふぁれん (@fahrens_photo) July 6, 2022

Reproduced with permission from ふぁれん Fahren (@fahrens_photo)

It’s a truly beautiful and fantastic sight, as if a part of the starry sky had been cut out.

The location of the photo is the Hoshinomura Observatory in Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture.

This image was created through 新星景写真 (shin seikei shasin | “new starscape photography”), a technique of image processing and compositing images of the starry sky taken while the camera is fixed on a tripod, etc.

Since the photo was published on July 6th, many people made comments alluding to the Star Festival, which takes place every year on July 7th. For example, one person commented: “I couldn’t see the starry sky in my area, so I’m glad I could enjoy the Milky Way by admiring this wonderful photo.”

There must be something special about the Milky Way that stays with us through time!

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