Genderless makeup artist Zutti Mattia wows with amazing makeover videos


Affiliated with the creative agency PPPSTUDIO, Zutti Mattia is a Japanese creator and makeup artist who promotes genderless beauty.

With a background as a former beauty consultant, they post videos on makeup and fashion on their YouTube and TikTok channels.

Zutti Mattia is particularly known for their amazing makeup transformations.

For example, in this video, they demonstrate how they can transform themselves to get a ハーフ顔 hāfu-gao, a look that emulates mixed-race features.

Using their favorite makeup products, they give themselves a gorgeous look. Crucial in this video is the eye makeup that highlights the eyes by carefully layering colors.

There’s also a video where Zutti explains the “cut-crease” method in more detail.

Viewers left comments such as: “So beautiful! and “It looks great on you,” as well as “I’m attracted to your friendly personality.”

In addition to makeup products, Zutti also has a wonderful collection of wigs to make the transformation complete.

The following video shows their collection. You can see how a wig can make a big difference in the impression created!

You can tell that Zutti is emotionally invested in each and every one of them. They’ve customized many of the wigs, dyeing them, adding hair, or arranging them in other ways.

Other popular videos include Zutti achieving “the face (of who) I want to be.”

For example, in this video, they create the unique look of the actors who play male parts in the Takarazuka Revue, Japan’s famous all-female musical theater troupe:

Zutti achieved this look through trial and error, trying their best to approach the image they had in mind.

It’s easy to follow along as they explain the process.

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