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Drag Shows You Can Watch Online from Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
Drag shows from Japan you can Watch Online

Years will pass before we can unpackage the destruction coronavirus has caused, to both the health and economy of people worldwide. Not to be overlooked in this maelstrom is the impact on minority communities, who most often bear the brunt of crises like pandemics and economic depressions.

The drag community is one such group that fell into jeopardy. As bars and clubs closed (sometimes permanently) drag kings and queens found themselves cut off from much-needed income, and the wider LGBTQ community from their meeting places, social networks, and safety nets.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 reunion and finale, aired May 22 and 29, were held virtually from locations all across the country

High profile celebrities and TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race were among the first to move their drag shows online, mobilizing their resources and large camera and marketing teams. For lesser-known performers, of course, it has been more difficult and the rewards much lower. A queen who supplements her income with weekend tips from the local bar will make only a fraction broadcasting her show on Youtube with a PayPal address.

…support queens and kings in Japan, find your community, and enjoy life a little during Miss Rona’s reign.

That said, as can be expected from a tribe of creatives, the switch to online shows has led to many performers exploring new artforms, shifting from live shows to movies, music videos, and mixed media, as well as homemade talk shows and comedy not unlike Trixie and Katya’s UNHhhh.

Without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of some of my top picks for online drag shows to support queens and kings in Japan, find your community, and enjoy life a little during Miss Rona’s reign.

Drag shows streaming from Japan

Beauty Blenda

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Studio Ghibli releases 400 images from eight movies free to download online

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