Three manga to learn kanji, katakana and old Japanese as recommended by a Japanese teacher

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Good news for Japanese learners!

Kadokawa Corporation has published three new books about the Japanese language. The three books are part of the のびーる国語 nobīru kokugo (stretch your Japanese language skills) series, which is popular among elementary school students in Japan.

The books are for studying, but in manga style!

These are the recurring characters in this book series. Studying with them must be fun!

However, the series isn’t only good because of these these manga-style characters. The contents are inspected by elementary school teachers and professors, which enables readers to study enjoyably and effectively. Judging from the sample pictures in the press release, I’m sure that these books are very useful for Japanese learners at intermediate to advanced levels and even for professional translators.

As a writer who has a Japanese teacher certification, I’d like to introduce these books!

Kanji book

If you want to study kanji compounds, I strongly recommend this kanji book. The official title is 角川まんが学習シリーズ のびーる国語 使い分け漢字 同音異義語・反対語・類義語他 kadokawa manga gakushū shirīzu nobīru kokugo tsukaiwake kanji dō’on’igigo hantaigo ruigigo hoka, an approximate translation of which is “Kadokawa manga learning series – stretch your Japanese language skills: proper use of kanji, homonyms, antonyms, and synonyms, etc.”

If you have already started studying Japanese, you may know that many Japanese kanji compounds have the same pronunciation, but can express different meanings depending on the kanji used. With this book, you can make learning such very confusing kanji compounds fun!

Look at the sample above. This page explains the word kyōsō. There are two kinds of kanji compounds, 競走 (kyōsō) and 競争 (kyōsō).

競走 (kyōsō) means “to race and compete/compare speed over a certain distance.” It would be the compound to use if you want to say “Let’s see who can run 50 meters faster.” …continue reading


How To Learn Japanese With Anime – 6 Tips You Should Start To Use Now

Learn Japanese with Anime 2

Learn Japanese With Anime – For many foreigners, learning Japanese is a wild and exciting but often daunting ride. Many people will delve into the world of anime for the first time and be utterly fascinated with the language. This, of course, always comes with the passion to learn and understand what some of their favourite characters are saying!

However, with huge pronunciation differences and phonetic disparities with the English language, Japanese is not exactly easy to pick up. If you’ve tried to study this language before, you know exactly what we’re talking about!

An innovative way that many people have attempted to learn more Japanese is via anime. Now, we know this may sound super fun and exciting at first, but it’s not quite like that.

Watching anime and picking out some well-known words such as ‘kawaii’ and ‘senpai’ is completely different to actually trying to learn the dialogue and ultimately the language.

If you’re keen to try and learn Japanese with anime though, here are some helpful tips!

1. (The Scariest Tip!) Remove English Subtitles

This is by far the most daunting thing you can do whilst watching anime, especially if you’ve never tried to properly study the Japanese language before. However, just as with many new hobbies and activities, throwing yourself into the deep end may just do the trick!

If you’ve just started watching anime, we recommend watching a few series’ before attempting this.

If you’re a seasoned anime-watcher, this is for you!

Whilst you definitely won’t be able to understand much of the conversations going on, you’ll be amazed by how many little phrases you’ll be able to pick up. Watch their expressions, interpret their body language, understand the situation, and you’ll find that you’ll likely understand what they’re trying to saying even without fully understanding the words just yet.

But don’t worry, …continue reading