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Adorable talking Pokémon Eevee coin bank is here to take your money, make you happy about it【Vid】

The special power of Eevee’s latest evolution is to encourage you to save your loose change. Between the video games, anime Blu-rays, soundtrack CDs, and everything from desserts to toilets shaped like its characters, few things in life are as effective in separating us from our spare cash as Pokémon. Not that we’re complaining, of […]

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You can build Japan’s hauntingly beautiful Gunkanjima as a papercraft kit【Photos】

Putting together “Battleship Island” gave us a new perspective on what life was like for the families that lived there. A while back, we spent the day recreating Japan’s most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji, in paper form. Today, we’re turning our attention, and fingertips, to another iconic sight of Japan as we build a papercraft […]

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New Balance’s Latest Tokyo Shop is Built in a Kura, Dismantled and Relocated from Kawagoe

New Balance, the American footwear company, has had a low-key presence in Japan since the 1980s. With 15 stores across Japan, the company shys away from the spotlight, working with equally low-key ambassadors like Ryuichi Sakamoto, rather than glitzy athletes or celebrities. But their latest concept store was an ambitious one: a project that called […]

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Your mistakes will transform into Mt. Fuji with this cool art eraser from Japan【Photos】

Every mistake is another step on the path towards success, and also towards seeing Japan’s most famous mountain. While no one can say what the future holds for certain, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that you won’t be seeing any artwork from our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma hanging in a museum anytime soon. That’s […]

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Miniature sento bathhouse range is this season’s must-buy gacha capsule toy collection

Relieve stress with the soothing setting of a Japanese public bathhouse. While onsen hot springs rightfully get a lot of love from local and international travellers, the homely, down-to-earth warmth of a sento public bathhouse is often sadly overlooked. Used by locals on a daily basis, a leisurely soak at a sento is like taking a soak in […]

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Japanese beauty parlor chain offering cute and scary Halloween makeup packages

Whether you want just a graceful gash or a full-on vampire facial makeover, they’re ready to help. Halloween is coming up soon, and between Japan’s recent embrace of the spooky celebration and its preexisting cosplay culture, a lot of people are looking to transform themselves for a special night this month. To help them, makeup […]

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Reebok teams up with fashion brand Yoshiokubo for traditional-culture-inspired sneakers

A unique fusion of old-meets-new style with ink smears, bonsai, and family crest designs. Footwear and clothing company Reebok has never been shy about collaborations. Thanks to their willingness, we’ve been blessed with all manner of sweet shoe-products from Hello Kitty and Gudetama sneakers to Godzilla ones. This time, Reebok has partnered with Japanese men’s […]

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Fall 2020 Makeup Trends In Tokyo

Fall 2020 Makeup Trends In Tokyo

Who else is totally done with summer 2020 and really looking forward to fall? I know I am. A new season means new trends and this includes makeup and beauty! You may have been enjoying going fresh-faced, simply because there’s nothing worse than our makeup melting away in the hot weather. And also, who wants to be caking their face with makeup when we’re going to be wearing our masks anyway?

But now is an exciting timing to be experimental with your makeup and try out some new Japanese products to recreate some of the trendiest fall looks! Let me introduce you to 6 recently launched, recommended makeup products to help you ace your fall 2020 makeup game. Who else is ready to freshen up their autumn look?

Trend 1 – Bold, Dramatic Eyes

During the hot summer months, it’s only natural for us to gravitate toward and stick to eyeshadows in neutral, light tones. Or maybe even get away with just a bit of mascara. But as we are now transitioning into fall, we can expect to see some new bolder, colored eyeshadow palettes stocked on the cosmetic store shelves. From mustard yellow to autumnal berry shades, it’s time to add a touch of drama to your eyelids!

The Products

  • Suqqu – Tone Touch Eyes (16 Somekarashi, 17 Bisuou, 18 Momoshizuku), ¥3,700
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Savvy Makeup Tips

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