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iPhone 12 purchasing opinions in Japan

Android users, will you buy an iPhone 12? graph of japanese statistics

This quite comprehensive survey was published just a few days before the iPhone 12 went on sale, but it’s out now, so please excuse my slightly late translation of MMD Labo’s look at iPhone 12 purchasing opinions.

I’m quite anti-Apple after a few bad experiences with Mac computers; I understand their appeal but I dislike their user interface philosophy of ease-of-use over control.

I’m also extremely ambivalent on 5G as a consumer technology; coverage in Japan is almost non-existent outside a tight area around major train stations, and adverts with all these holograms suggesting flawless telepresence are just unrealisable pipedreams. The extremely low latency is good, though, but I doubt the average consumer will really notice.

Research results

Q1A: Will you buy the new iPhone 12? (Sample size=1,102, by device)

iPhone users
Android users
Plan to buy 15.6% 3.1%
Investigating buying 30.0% 12.9%
Won’t buy 54.4% 84.1%

Q1B: Will you buy the new iPhone 12? (Sample size=720, by carrier)

Docomo users
au users
SoftBank users
Plan to buy 6.1% 6.4% 12.3%
Investigating buying 20.4% 18.7% 23.0%
Won’t buy 73.6% 74.9% 64.7%

I’m not sure how the numbers here are derived. The sample was 1,102 people, so Q1A is correct, but 382 people disappear in Q1B, and similar happens with Q5B. There are of course a number of carriers other than the big three of Docomo, au and SoftBank, but these make up only about 10% of the general phone-owning population, and even if you factor out people on feature phones I find it difficult to accept that about a third of MMD Labo’s sample were on the smaller carriers. However, I don’t have any alternative explanation for these numbers.

Q2: Which models from the iPhone 12 series are you investigating buying? (Sample size=339)

iPhone users
Android users
iPhone 12 72.9% 70.5%
iPhone 12 mini 45.0% 36.4%
iPhone 12 Pro 31.5% 25.0%
iPhone 12 Pro Max 24.3% 12.5%
Don’t know yet 14.7% 20.5%

Q3: Which specific model specs from the iPhone 12 series are you investigating buying? (Sample size=339)

iPhone users
Android users
iPhone 12 128GB 30.7% 25.0%

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